Tax Services for us citizens & green card holders

We can assist in the preparation of Federal US Income Tax Returns for US Citizens, Citizens of Dual Nationality and Green Card holders (such as lawful permanent residents) living outside the United States of America.

The reciprocal Taxation Treaty between the US and the UK ensures that the same earnings are not taxed twice in the Treaty countries, however Tax Returns must still be filed in both countries.

We will file the 1040 Income Tax Returns with all relevant attachments, which include declarations that help avoid US persons, living abroad, being taxed twice on the same income.

For example: Form 2555 Foreign Earned Income. Form 1116 Foreign Tax Credit
In addition, we will prepare FATCA related forms, FinCEN Forms and the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, (FBAR). After 2010, the requirement to file individual Tax Returns was revised to include annual reporting of all foreign Bank Account balances held outside the USA in an effort to analyse and track financial crimes.

We can assist you throughout this process and ensure that you are tax compliant both with the IRS and with HMRC. We also deal with voluntary disclosure options, since keeping tax affairs correct and up to date remains a strict issue. The IRS has become increasingly vigilant in checking that US citizens overseas declare their assets and accounts accurately.

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