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Efficient, reliable, and professional taxation service to small businesses, investor groups, and Non-Resident Owners of US Real Estate

About the company

Stephen Harter, a British qualified accountant and an Enrolled Agent before the IRS, is able to offer clients the benefit of his knowledge and experience acquired in both the UK and the US.

His accountancy and US taxation practice, Owner Accounting Services, guarantees to provide a complete taxation service for Non-Resident US homeowners, investors in US property and owners of small businesses. He has established and maintained an excellent reputation in providing expert, yet straightforward advice on all taxation issues.

IRS Acceptance Agents

In recognition of their taxation knowledge, Owner Accounting Services have been granted the status of Acceptance Agents by the IRS, and are therefore in an ideal position to deal with your US tax affairs speedily and efficiently.

Whether you are renting out your property, hoping to sell, or simply interested in saving money, you will feel secure that your tax matters are being handled by tax professionals.

Stephen adds, ”We appreciate the support of many loyal clients who know they can rely on us to work hard to serve their best interests. If you are want to know more about our company and the services we offer as Acceptance Agents, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.”

Stephen Harter CGMA. EA
Owner Accounting Services - IRS Acceptance Agents

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