Our Services

Tax Services for US Citizens and Green Card Holders

We prepare U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns for U.S. (or Citizens of Dual Nationality) and Green Card holders living outside the USA.

Non-Resident US Tax Return Filing

Nonresident aliens who are working in the U.S. or own Property or Investments in the USA are required to make US declarations. (This is a Mandatory requirement)

FIRPTA submissions on sale of property in United States by foreign nationals

The sale of any property or land in the USA by a Non-US Resident will be subject to FIRPTA legislation, whereby the closing Agents must withhold 15% of the selling Price. -Providing you contact us before the sale, we can assist by filing for the early release of this amount.

ITIN Applications and Renewals(Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers)

As Certified Acceptance Agents we are able to obtain new ITIN’s or renew existing ITIN’s which are due to expire under the IRS renewal program.

US Tax Services for Businesses

We prepare the appropriate U.S. tax filings for U.S. persons who are business owners of the following entities and also advise on the best choice for the client’s business strategy.

IRS Amnesty Programs

We will also assist U.S. taxpayers who have fallen behind on their filings, (or have undisclosed foreign income and assets), by preparing the necessary paperwork for submission under the IRS amnesty programs.

UK HMRC Self-Assessments and Business Tax Returns

We will compile and file UK Self Assessments for Resident or Non-Resident Individuals and those businesses which also have a requirement to file a UK self-assessment, or Business Tax Returns.